UC Davis Director of Pediatric Electrophysiology Dan Cortez is the primary doctor on the planet to implant a retrievable leadless pacemaker in a toddler.

Retrievable leadless pacemaker
The Aveir VR leadless pacemaker was implanted by means of the kid’s inside jugular vein.

This new gadget is named Aveir VR and is manufactured by Abbott. It’s designed to be simply retrievable when the battery must be changed.

Most conventional pacemakers are surgically implanted by means of the chest to the skin of the center, then related to the center by leads. 

This retrievable pacemaker was implanted by means of the kid’s inside jugular vein within the Cardiac Catheterization Lab and has no leads. As an alternative, the center absorbs it.

“It’s superb how small the gadget is. It’s like the scale of 1 AA battery,” mentioned Heather Hayes, whose son Matias was the primary to have the process completed final month. “My son now wears a medical bracelet to let individuals know he has a pacemaker since you would by no means know in any other case. No scars and no signal of it.”

Earlier than the process, Matias had a really sluggish coronary heart price of about 30 beats per minute. His pores and skin was pale, and he had little or no vitality.

After the process, Matias’s coronary heart returned to a traditional resting price, and he had shade again in his pores and skin. He was extra alert in school.

“His instructor in school observed the advance immediately,” Hayes mentioned. “It’s been a blessing. Dr. Cortez is the most effective. He saved my son.”

The pacemaker is anticipated to final by means of childhood and into maturity, but when the battery must be changed, this retrievable leadless pacemaker will likely be simple to take away.

“We’re happy to supply this modern process to our sufferers. No incisions. Only a sew positioned within the neck the day of the process and eliminated the next morning,” Cortez mentioned. 

Pacemakers are sometimes positioned in kids with congenital full coronary heart block, a uncommon situation that impacts 1 in about 15,000 to 22,000 kids.

In 2018, Cortez was the primary doctor on the planet to implant a Micra leadless pacemaker by means of the interior jugular vein in a toddler.  


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