In a sensible evaluation with questions, an impartial assessor observes the apprentice finishing a process or sequence of duties set by the EPAO. The EPAO decides the place it takes place. The evaluation setting should carefully relate to the apprentice’s pure working setting. This enables the apprentice to show the KSBs mapped to this evaluation technique. 


This EPA technique is getting used as a result of it displays the sensible part of the function. Fireplace security inspections can happen in lots of various kinds of buildings and the potential points/compliance necessities that could be recognized can fluctuate considerably, as can the response from the property proprietor. The sensible evaluation subsequently permits for the candidate to be assessed in a managed setting as a way to guarantee a constant strategy.


The sensible evaluation with questions should be structured to offer the apprentice the chance to show the KSBs mapped to this evaluation technique to the very best out there grade.

An impartial assessor should conduct and assess the sensible evaluation with questions.

The impartial assessor should solely observe one apprentice at a time to make sure high quality and rigour. They should be as unobtrusive as attainable.

The EPAO should give an apprentice 10 days discover of the . sensible evaluation with questions

The sensible evaluation with questions should take 3 hours quarter-hour.

The impartial assessor can enhance the time of the sensible evaluation with questions by as much as 10%. This time is to permit the apprentice to finish a process or reply to a query if crucial.

The sensible evaluation with questions can’t be break up, apart from for consolation breaks or to permit apprentices to maneuver from one location to a different. The place breaks happen, they won’t depend in the direction of the full EPA time.

EPAOs should handle invigilation of the apprentice in the course of the evaluation, to take care of safety of the EPA, consistent with their malpractice coverage. This contains breaks and transferring between areas in the course of the working day.

The impartial assessor should clarify to the apprentice the format and timescales of the sensible evaluation with questions earlier than it begins. This doesn’t depend in the direction of the evaluation time.

Apprentices should be noticed by an impartial assessor who will tackle the function of the ‘Accountable Particular person’. The Accountable Particular person is an recognized particular person answerable for a premises. They should have information and understanding of the hearth security processes and procedures at their premises. They may work together with and reply to the Fireplace Security Inspector throughout an audit. The impartial assessor should undertake this function for the state of affairs developed by the EPAO. The sensible evaluation should be carried out over a most evaluation time of three hours quarter-hour. The impartial assessor has the discretion to extend the time of the sensible demonstration by as much as 10%.

The sensible evaluation consists of 5 completely different levels:

1. Preparation and Briefing

2. Sensible Audit Inspection –Documentation Overview

3. Sensible Audit Inspection – Visible Inspection of Premise

4. Publish Audit Debrief

5. Publish Audit Questions

The impartial assessor could observe just one apprentice at a time throughout this evaluation technique.

EPAOs will produce specs to stipulate intimately how the sensible demonstrations will function, what it’s going to cowl and what needs to be noticed. It’s endorsed that that is finished in session with consultant employers to achieve the mandatory occupational information on this sector. EPAOs ought to keep the safety of their specs if employers are consulted. Specs should be standardised by the EPAO.

EPAOs should develop sensible specification banks of enough dimension to stop predictability and assessment them commonly (at the very least annually) to make sure they, and the specs they include, are match for objective. The specification for the sensible assessments, together with questions regarding underpinning information, abilities and behaviours should be diverse, but permit evaluation of the related KSBs.

The sensible evaluation can be performed as follows:

Stage 1: Preparation and Briefing

Earlier than the sensible evaluation begins the apprentice can be given a tough copy pre-inspection data pack produced and chosen by the EPAO. The pre-inspection data pack can be primarily based on a fancy constructing for instance:

  • sleeping danger
  • excessive danger course of
  • excessive variety of workers
  • public entry constructing
  • warehouse

The apprentice could have half-hour to review the pre inspection data pack and make notes. Apprentices can be invigilated by the impartial assessor throughout this time. The apprentice will have the ability to consult with their notes and the pre-inspection data pack all through the remainder of the sensible evaluation.

The pre-inspection data pack produced by the EPAO should embrace the next data:

  • notification of Main Authority Scheme (PAS) examine
  • earlier file historical past (extending solely to the earlier audit)
  • title and place of Accountable Particular person (RP)
  • constructing profile data, together with:
    • utilization/objective of constructing/enterprise
    • evacuation technique for constructing (e.g. Simultaneous, Progressive Horizontal and so on.)
    • institution numbers
    • dimension of constructing
    • location
    • variety of flooring/rooms
    • fireplace danger evaluation (FRA) regarding that constructing
    • another Fireplace Security Info regarding that constructing corresponding to regulation 38 documentation
    • workers coaching data
    • upkeep and repair data for passive and energetic safety programs together with alarms, detection, emergency lighting firefighting amenities corresponding to dry/moist risers, suppression programs, wiring, PAT testing.

Along with the above the EPAO will produce a plan of the constructing with detailed Web site-Particular Danger Info (SSRI) for the impartial assessor in addition to an in depth temporary of the workers coaching data included throughout the pre-inspection data pack to be used in Stage 3.

Stage 2: Sensible Audit Inspection – Documentation Overview

This stage may be performed in a staged constructing setting or IT primarily based utilizing simulation software program.

Throughout this stage, the apprentice can be noticed reviewing related documentation required as a part of an audit inspection.

The apprentice can be anticipated to hold out the next actions throughout this stage:

  • introduce themselves and clarify the rationale for the go to
  • clarify how the audit can be performed
  • affirm if workers may be questioned to validate workers coaching

The EPAO will produce an data pack primarily based on the checklist above which can be reflective of both the staged constructing getting used or the IT primarily based simulation software program. The impartial assessor (because the function of the Accountable Particular person) will give the requested data to the apprentice to look at.

Inside the pack of knowledge, the EPAO will insert deficiencies. These deficiencies can be from the next classes:

  • systematic
  • bodily
  • main
  • minor

The mix of deficiencies inserted throughout the pack of knowledge can be determined by the EPAO, nevertheless at the very least 2 deficiencies needs to be within the Fireplace Danger Evaluation doc (FRA). The EPAO also needs to insert a deficiency that would want intervention by an extra company requiring the apprentice to establish who they’d search assist and recommendation from and why. These are included within the deficiencies acknowledged above.

The apprentice can be given 20 minutes to review the documentation offered by the impartial assessor. Following this, the apprentice can be given an extra quarter-hour to reply a minimal of 6 questions from the impartial assessor as a way to clarify:

  • the standing of the FRA
  • upkeep and testing regime
  • workers coaching data
  • technique of escape (MOE)
  • important findings requiring actions within the earlier FRA have been accomplished
  • the deficiencies recognized throughout the pack of knowledge

Stage 3: Sensible audit inspection – Visible Inspection of Premise

Throughout this stage the apprentice, accompanied by the impartial assessor could have 55 minutes to stroll across the premises (precise or IT primarily based), and can validate whether or not the data within the FRA and all fireplace security preparations adjust to the Regulatory Reform Fireplace Security Order 2005 (RRFSO), and/or acceptable regulation and steering (provided by the EPAO). Themes to be lined:

  • passive fireplace safety strategies
  • energetic fireplace safety strategies
  • journey distances
  • prevention points
  • rire security administration preparations
  • technique of escape
  • void safety

Inside this stage the apprentice (unprompted) ought to ask the impartial assessor (appearing because the Accountable Particular person, as acknowledged within the Fireplace Security Order 2005) if they will query an worker as a way to validate workers coaching data. If requested, the impartial assessor will tackle the function of an worker and use the detailed temporary of workers coaching data to reply to any questions posed by the apprentice. When responding within the function of the worker, the impartial assessor should reply questions factually primarily based solely on the data contained within the workers coaching data. Any questions requested and responses given should be included throughout the 55 minutes permitted for this stage. The apprentice would usually be anticipated to ask as much as 12 questions.

Stage 4: Publish audit debrief

Throughout this stage the apprentice could have 45 minutes and can be anticipated to undertake a verbal submit audit debrief with the Accountable Particular person (RP). The themes to be lined for the debrief embrace:

  • inspection and audit, together with assist and subsequent steps
  • difficult non-compliance

Stage 5: Publish audit questions

Throughout this stage the impartial assessor could have half-hour to ask the apprentice a minimal of 8 questions. These questions can be a mix of these taken from an EPAO query financial institution and impartial assessor generated to ensure that questioning to be tailor-made to the sensible evaluation. The impartial assessor is permitted to ask comply with up questions the place readability is required.

These actions present the apprentice with the chance to show the KSBs mapped to this evaluation technique.

The impartial assessor should ask questions. The aim of the impartial assessor’s questions can be so as to add element to and improve the proof that the apprentice has met the information, abilities, and behaviours assessed via this technique.

Questioning can happen in the course of the sensible evaluation. The time for questions requested in the course of the sensible evaluation is included within the general evaluation time.

Unbiased assessors should ask at the very least 8 questions in the course of the sensible evaluation. The impartial assessor should use the questions from their EPAO’s query financial institution or create their very own questions in-line with the EPAO’s coaching.

The impartial assessor can ask follow-up inquiries to make clear solutions given by the apprentice. These questions are along with the above set variety of questions for the sensible evaluation with questions and needs to be saved to a minimal.

The impartial assessor should hold correct data of the evaluation. They have to document:

  • the KSBs noticed
  • the apprentice’s solutions to questions
  • KSBs demonstrated in solutions to questions
  • the grade achieved

The impartial assessor should make the grading determination. The sensible evaluation and responses to questions should be assessed holistically by the impartial assessor when they’re deciding the grade. 

Evaluation location

The sensible evaluation with questions will happen in a simulated setting chosen by the EPAO (for instance the EPAO’s or employer’s premises). The simulated setting should relate to the apprentice’s pure work setting. Tools and sources wanted for the sensible evaluation with questions should be offered by the EPAO, who can liaise with the employer to supply these.

Further venue necessities that should be in place embrace:

Sensible assessments should be performed in one of many following areas:

  • the employer’s premises
  • an acceptable venue chosen by the EPAO (e.g. a coaching supplier’s premises or one other employer’s premises)
  • utilizing digital actuality expertise

Query and useful resource improvement

The EPAO should develop a purpose-built evaluation specification and query financial institution. It’s endorsed that is finished in session with employers of this occupation. The EPAO ought to keep the safety and confidentiality of EPA supplies when consulting employers. The evaluation specification and query financial institution should be reviewed at the very least annually to make sure they continue to be fit-for-purpose.  

The evaluation specification should be related to the occupation and show learn how to assess the KSBs mapped to this evaluation technique. The EPAO should be sure that questions are refined and developed to a excessive commonplace. The questions should be unpredictable. A query financial institution of enough dimension will assist this.

The EPAO should be sure that the apprentice has a special set of questions within the case of re-sits or re-takes.

The EPAO should produce the next supplies to assist the sensible evaluation with questions:

  • impartial assessor evaluation supplies which embrace:
    • coaching supplies
    • administration supplies
    • moderation and standardisation supplies
    • steering supplies
    • grading steering
    • query financial institution
  • EPA steering for the apprentice and the employer


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