Fever-reducing drugs, out there in liquid formulation for youngsters, have change into tougher to search out in lots of elements of the nation, together with the Sacramento area.

The explanation: A surging demand attributable to a big enhance in respiratory diseases.

UC Davis pediatricians provide the next 8 recommendations for households who’re in search of alternate options once they can’t discover kids’s Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Motrin (ibuprofen).

  1. Don’t give grownup Tylenol or Motrin to kids underneath 12.
  2. Seek for generic variations of youngsters’s acetaminophen and ibuprofen, which can be in inventory as an alternative of brand name names Tylenol or Motrin.
  3. Take into account kids’s acetaminophen suppositories. Use as directed. Don’t administer orally.
  4. Ask associates and neighbors if they’ve any further kids’s over-the-counter treatment they might share. Additionally, make certain drugs has not expired.
  5. Don’t substitute with aspirin.
  6. Watch out of medicines with a number of drugs inside one (Mucinex, Nyquil, and so forth.) which might not be secure for youthful kids.
  7. Keep in mind that not all fevers should be handled with drugs. Gown your little one in gentle, unfastened clothes and ensure they’re effectively hydrated.
  8. Don’t use ibuprofen in kids youthful than six months, until prescribed by a doctor.


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