If anybody nonetheless wonders whether or not COVID-19 vaccines are efficient at stopping severe sickness, look no additional than UC Davis Medical Heart – and doubtless most hospitals within the nation.

A rectangular infographic with a blue background shows that 27 people are hospitalized for COVID: 21 of them are unvaccinated

Almost 80% of the COVID-positive sufferers sick sufficient to require hospitalization in current days are unvaccinated.

The opposite roughly 20% of individuals admitted to the hospital with COVID have breakthrough infections.

And though unvaccinated sufferers have a lot higher probabilities of surviving than they did earlier within the pandemic, partially as a result of extra remedy choices, medical doctors nonetheless fear concerning the long-term results of the virus on those that resolve in opposition to immunization.

“If you’re unvaccinated, particularly this lengthy into the sport, you do have an elevated danger of getting lengthy COVID,” stated Natascha Tuznik, a UC Davis Well being specialist in infectious illnesses.

Most of the persistent signs of lengthy COVID that may present up months after the acute an infection – together with respiratory points reminiscent of shortness of breath, gastrointestinal issues, joint pains and muscle aches – will be extremely disruptive to high quality of life. What’s extra, Tuznik stated, lengthy COVID may also overlap with different well being points and set off main issues. 

“This will restrict your means to maneuver, train and work,” Tuznik stated.

80% of People have acquired a minimum of one dose of COVID vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines first turned accessible in December 2020. 

Since then, greater than 265 million People, or 80% of the inhabitants, has acquired a minimum of one dose, based on the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention.

Natascha Tuznik

When you have an unvaccinated buddy, household or coworker that you simply spend a big time with, that individual is 20 instances extra probably to present you COVID, even in case you are vaccinated.” Natascha Tuznik

The most recent booster, a COVID-19 bivalent vaccine, turned accessible Sept. 2. The CDC recommends everybody over age 5 obtain the booster, which protects in opposition to the unique virus and the newer Omicron pressure. 

UC Davis Medical Heart on Thursday had solely 27 sufferers hospitalized with COVID-19, a dramatic lower from the all-time excessive of 160 on Jan. 29, 2022.

Of the 27 sufferers nonetheless admitted, 21 (78%) had been unvaccinated. The remaining six sufferers (22%) with breakthrough infections had been a minimum of partially vaccinated.

Not one of the unvaccinated sufferers had been on a ventilator and 5 sufferers had been being handled within the intensive care unit, every of whom was unvaccinated.

The looming “tridemic”

As the vacation season approaches, medical specialists across the nation are rising involved concerning the persevering with unfold of COVID, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) – what they’re calling a tri-demic which will put lives in danger. 

A UC Davis Health employee wearing blue gloves and blue face mask uses a syringe to extract vaccine from a small bottle
Greater than 80% of the U.S. inhabitants has acquired a minimum of one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine

Flu season has arrived sooner than ordinary. RSV is placing a pressure on kids’s hospitals in some states exterior California. COVID is anticipated to surge as a result of household reunions the place masking and social distancing received’t be as outstanding as previously two years. 

“When you have an unvaccinated buddy, household or coworker that you simply spend a big time with,” Tuznik stated, “that individual is 20 instances extra probably to present you COVID, even in case you are vaccinated.” 

Whereas masking and distancing helped curb the variety of COVID infections, such precautions additionally created an unintended consequence: “Our immune methods have waned on backyard selection viruses, together with the frequent chilly,” Tuznik stated.

In consequence, extra individuals are prone to getting sick with viral illnesses as a result of their our bodies aren’t producing antibodies like they used to, she stated. 

All of the extra cause to get the COVID-19 shot and boosters, the flu vaccine, put on masks and wash palms completely and incessantly. 

“COVID isn’t going to go away; we all know that. It’s only a matter of when it’s going to be an endemic, not a pandemic,” Tuznik stated.

She added: “The most effective we are able to do is remind everybody that vaccines are secure, vaccines are efficient, and vaccines can cease this.” 

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