Airway Management Considerations When Treating Patients with Lung Cancer


The American Most cancers Society estimates there will likely be over 130,000 lung most cancers deaths within the U.S. in 2022. This 12 months, sufferers, suppliers and members of the family across the globe noticed World Lung Most cancers Day on August 1, which served as a possibility to be taught extra in regards to the illness and people affected in addition to share sources to teach as many individuals as attainable about dangers, signs and remedy. 


In honor of this nationwide well being recognition day, we’ve put collectively some data to assist information EMS suppliers on the right way to carry out secure and efficient airway administration on sufferers with lung most cancers. 


Lung most cancers dangers and signs 


Lung most cancers happens when cells multiply abnormally within the lungs, forming a malignant tumor and leading to issue respiratory. As a result of massive dimension of the lungs, cancerous tumors typically go undetected for years. 


Though lung most cancers can current in another way in particular person sufferers, there are widespread danger components, together with: 


  • Historical past of smoking 
  • Publicity to asbestos and different hazardous supplies and chemical compounds 
  • Publicity to radon fuel 
  • Publicity to secondhand smoke 
  • Household historical past of lung most cancers 


Along with danger components, suppliers and sufferers ought to stay educated about a number of the telltale signs of lung most cancers, which are sometimes not simple to determine till extra superior phases of the illness. These embrace: 


  • Tiredness or fatigue 
  • Persistent cough 
  • Hassle respiratory and shortness of breath 
  • Discomfort within the chest and surrounding areas
  • Coughing up mucus or phlegm 
  • Coughing up blood (hemoptysis) 


Airway issues


For the reason that lungs and airway are intently linked, most cancers within the lungs may cause important respiratory issues for sufferers, significantly aged sufferers, who make up the vast majority of people recognized with the illness. The airway might typically change into blocked, resulting in extreme discomfort and danger of sickness or demise. The primary airway points related to lung most cancers embrace the event of nodules (small lumps), fistulas (holes within the airway wall) and different airway obstructions or blockages. 


When analyzing lung most cancers sufferers for airway points, suppliers needs to be on excessive alert for signs of shortness of breath (dyspnea), higher respiratory infections and coughing up blood. Dyspnea is a symptom that usually worsens because the illness progresses, and it might be triggered by the expansion of a tumor, secondary an infection, illness issues or sure most cancers therapies. The primary symptom of dyspnea is labored respiratory, and the severity of shortness of breath might fluctuate based mostly on an individual’s bodily exercise or different well being circumstances. 


When lung most cancers cells invade the house between the lungs and chest wall, or the pleural house, it leads to a course of referred to as pleural effusion, which ends up in fluid buildup across the lungs. This buildup makes it tougher for the lungs to completely increase and absorb sufficient air, inflicting important airway and respiratory issues. 


Stopping lung infections throughout airway suctioning


Lung most cancers sufferers are at extreme danger for infections as issues from their illness progress. Suctioning can assist to stop an infection in lung most cancers sufferers who’re affected by a respiratory emergency, however when carried out incorrectly, it could additionally additional contribute to an an infection. To keep away from inflicting further hurt to sufferers’ lungs throughout airway administration, there are a couple of security measures suppliers ought to all the time make use of when performing airway suctioning. These embrace: 


  • Good hygiene: When accomplished carelessly, suctioning can introduce dangerous contaminants into the affected person’s respiratory tract. To forestall this, all the time wash your fingers earlier than and after suctioning, in addition to earlier than and after cleansing any machine parts. All the time make sure you clear and disinfect the suction machine instantly after use, and by no means retailer a unclean machine or soiled machine parts close to a clear machine. 


  • Airway security: Defend the affected person’s airway by altering the suctioning method and catheter dimension based mostly on the affected person’s distinctive wants, in addition to their age, well being and physique dimension. 


  • Storage: Retailer all suction parts in a safe and hygienic location. 


Though lung most cancers is taken into account the deadliest type of most cancers in the USA, many medical suppliers are nonetheless unaware of the airway issues related to the illness. Nonetheless, no two sufferers are the identical, and suppliers should all the time stay attentive to every affected person’s distinctive healthcare wants and circumstances throughout remedy. To be taught extra about security measures you and your crew ought to take when performing airway administration on lung most cancers sufferers, learn SSCOR’s weblog on the 6 issues you should examine each time you utilize a conveyable suction machine, and take a look at our roster of hospital and EMS suction merchandise.


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