Most rattlesnake bites happen between the months of April and October. Being conscious of your environment and understanding easy methods to reply when encountering a rattlesnake are key to avoiding a harmful rattlesnake chew.

If somebody is bitten by a rattlesnake

  • Get instant medical consideration, as extreme and even life-threatening signs could happen inside minutes after the chew, or in different circumstances could start after a few hours.

    Rattlesnake bites can produce excessive ache and swelling on the location of the chew, extreme bleeding, nausea, swelling within the mouth and throat, making it tough to breathe, lightheadedness, drooling, and even collapse and shock in uncommon circumstances.

  • Don’t apply ice, don’t use a tourniquet or constricting band, don’t attempt to suck out the venom, and don’t use any machine to chop or slice the chew website.

    Constricting blood vessels close to a rattlesnake chew can result in amputation. Wash the wound with cleaning soap and water, and take away wristwatches, rings on fingers or something constrictive.

  • Maintain calm, attempt to keep away from exertion, and maintain the affected extremity beneath coronary heart degree till you might be transported to a medical facility.

    Whereas the percentages of being bitten by a rattlesnake are small. However by following some precautions outdoor, individuals can reduce their probabilities of being bitten and struggling extreme and even life-threatening signs. 

High tricks to forestall rattlesnake bites

  • Put on boots and lengthy pants when climbing

    By no means go barefoot or put on sandals when strolling in areas the place you can’t clearly see the place you might be putting your ft. Sporting climbing boots and lengthy pants gives an additional layer of safety from sudden encounters with a rattlesnake. These obstacles, nevertheless, won’t present full safety in opposition to a chew.

  • Keep on trails when climbing, away from underbrush and tall weeds

    Snakes can relaxation virtually wherever that’s hidden from view. This permits them to cover from predators, keep away from excessive temperatures and hunt for prey. As a result of trails are likely to have fewer hiding locations for snakes, they provide a degree of safety for you. Brush gives safety for snakes. Keep on trails to keep away from doubtlessly disturbing a rattlesnake in hiding.

Brown rattlesnake curled up on rocks
In California, there are seven species of rattlesnakes.
  • At all times search for hid snakes earlier than choosing up rocks, sticks or firewood

    Since rattlesnakes are sometimes well-camouflaged and wait quietly for prey, they are often tough to see. Piles of rocks or logs, patches of dense shrubs, and expanses of tall grasses are simply few of the locations the place snakes could search shelter. Fastidiously examine logs or rocks earlier than choosing them up or sitting right down to keep away from by accident disturbing a rattlesnake.

  • By no means hike alone in distant areas. At all times have somebody with you who can help in an emergency

    Having a climbing accomplice is vital to assist in a disaster, particularly in a state of affairs the place you or your climbing accomplice is bitten by a snake. If protected to take action, have your climbing accomplice {photograph} the snake in order that identification might be made to assist in remedy.


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