As many devoted UC Davis Medical Heart peregrine falcon followers have not too long ago observed, the 2 chicks have been out and in of their nest and are studying to fly.

Peregrine falcon soaring with wings spread in the sky
Peregrine falcons fly between 40 and 60 mph and when diving can attain speeds of as much as 220 mph

At about six weeks of age, younger falcons make their first makes an attempt at flying. After they fledge (take their first flight) they’re known as fledglings. They’re nonetheless depending on the grownup falcons till they’ll hunt for themselves (about 4 weeks later).

Peregrine falcons are identified for his or her capability to fly at excessive speeds and are thought-about the quickest animal on earth. The typical hen travels a decent 19 to 37 mph, however the peregrine falcon usually flies between 40 and 60 mph – and that is only a warm-up. When diving to catch its prey, the peregrine falcon can attain speeds of as much as 220 mph.

The peregrine falcon has many options that enable it to fly at such excessive speeds, together with its keel, pointed wings, stiff feathers, and extremely environment friendly respiratory and circulatory programs. These enable peregrine falcons to dive at excessive speeds to seize prey like songbirds, geese, geese, and even small rodents like mice when looking.

Keep tuned to the video livestream to maintain up with the peregrine fledglings as they proceed to be taught to fly and hunt.

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