Final yr, UC Davis Well being lab professionals carried out about 3.7 million assessments for our sufferers. The crew of greater than 300 lab employees is vital for affected person care, with 70% of all medical selections depending on laboratory outcomes.

This week, we have a good time and acknowledge the essential contributions of those devoted lab professionals throughout Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (April 24-30, 2022).

The annual nationwide celebration, which originated in 1975, offers a chance to extend public consciousness, understanding and appreciation for laboratory professionals.

This yr’s theme is Giving the Present of Well being. The theme focuses on appreciating and celebrating range amongst laboratory professionals who give the present of well being by bettering public well being and affected person care, driving innovation and fostering well being fairness.

UC Davis Well being employs pathologists, phlebotomists, lab assistants and lab technicians, medical lab scientists, cytotechnologists, pathologist assistants and histotechnicians — all of whom play very important roles in accumulating, processing and analyzing samples.

Because the pandemic started, they’ve carried out greater than 223,000 COVID-19 assessments. Under is a snapshot of the numerous very important assessments carried out by our exceptional lab employees final yr.


  • Checks: 7 million assessments, or greater than 300,000 assessments per 30 days
  • Surgical specimens: 58,405
  • Biopsy specimens: 38,863 (greater than 65% of complete surgical specimens acquired)

5 most typical assessments and the quantity carried out

Letters that make word of BMP, located near test tubes with blood, stethoscope and other diagnostic tools and devices, latex gloves

1. Fundamental Metabolic Panel (BMP): 271,212

The BMP assessments for eight substances in your blood: glucose, calcium, sodium, potassium, carbon dioxide, chloride, blood urea nitrogen and creatine. These present vital details about your physique’s chemical stability and metabolism. Metabolism is the method of how the physique makes use of meals and power.

Close up view of test tubes with purple caps in a row on a stand in a laboratory.

2. Full Blood Depend (CBC) with Differential: 262,080

A CBC take a look at measures many alternative components and options of your blood, together with purple blood cells, white blood cells (together with the variety of every sort of white blood cell), platelets, hemoglobin, and extra. The take a look at might help diagnose blood ailments, infections, immune system problems, or different medical situations.

Wooden blocks spell out the word “magnesium” with colorful plastic test tubes in the background.

3. Magnesium: 164,895

A magnesium blood take a look at measures the quantity of magnesium in your blood. Magnesium is a kind of electrolyte. Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals answerable for many vital capabilities and processes in your physique. Magnesium ranges within the blood which are too low or too excessive can signify a well being downside.

Abbreviation or acronym of CMP, in laboratory, scientific, research or medical practice means comprehensive metabolic panel, is in foreground with laboratory test tubes, medical stethoscope and gloves

4. Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP): 149,173

A complete metabolic panel (CMP) measures 14 substances in your blood. Along with the eight substances examined within the BMP, it additionally assessments albumin, complete protein, enzymes made by the liver (alkaline phosphatase, alanine transaminase, aspartate aminotransferase) and waste merchandise eliminated by your kidneys (blood urea nitrogen and creatine). The take a look at offers vital details about your physique’s chemical stability and metabolism.

The letters CBC are written in black on wooden cube blocks in the hands in protective gloves of a doctor woman. Blurring doctor on background

5. Full Blood Depend (CBC): 109,304

Just like the CBC with Differential, the CBC measures completely different components of your blood however doesn’t embody the quantity and kind of white blood cells. A CBC is a typical blood take a look at that’s typically a part of a routine checkup. The take a look at might help diagnose blood ailments, infections, immune system problems, or different medical situations.

5 least widespread assessments carried out

As a college well being system, UC Davis Well being additionally sees uncommon and complicated ailments. Listed below are the least widespread assessments and the variety of instances they had been carried out in 2021.

  1. Cryofibrinogen (untreated cryofibrinogenemia can result in stroke, coronary heart assault and gangrene): 2
  2. Anti-Xa Pentasaccharide Assay (used to observe anticoagulant remedy with heparin): 14
  3. Euglobulin Lysis Time (which measures how briskly clots break down within the blood): 17
  4. Chloride 24-hour urine (used to detect situations that impacts physique fluids or acid-base stability): 19
  5. Blood Parasites (which seems for species of parasites similar to Plasmodium, Babesia, Ehrlichia, Borrelia, Trypanosomes, and Microfilaria): 19

Present your assist!

You possibly can share your assist for Medical Laboratory Professionals Week on social media utilizing the hashtags #LabWeek2022, #MLPW22, #GiftingHealth, and #TheGiftofHealth. The Facilities for Illness Management has additionally created Groups and Zoom digital backgrounds which you could obtain and use for digital conferences.

To be taught extra concerning the Division of Pathology and Laboratory Drugs, together with the Scientific Laboratory Science Coaching Program, Cytotechnology Program, residency and fellowship packages and extra, go to the web site: https://well being.ucdavis.edu/pathology/

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