Wildland fireplace season is right here! We’ve been honored to be on many fires this season, offering the very best stage of medical care to our firefighters.

How do we preserve firefighter security at wildland fires?

Warmth-stress elements: ambient air temperature, radiant warmth, humidity, air motion, bodily calls for, stage of health, kind of clothes or PPE worn, period of exercise,.

Warmth-stress signs: nausea, flushed pores and skin, cramping, headache, psychological confusion, fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, weak point, exhaustion, seizures, sunburn, vertigo, and absence of sweating.

Wildland Firefighters’ tasks: preserve correct relaxation and vitamin; observe acceptable work / relaxation cycles; hydrate earlier than, throughout and after every shift; inform supervisor of any ailing results to warmth, eat a minimal of 64 ounces of fluid needs to be consumed throughout a 24-hour interval of bodily work.

Vitality drinks enhance metabolic operate barely, which may make firefighters extra delicate to warmth stress. This consists of espresso, which can be a light diuretic, making dehydration extra doubtless. It’s best to drink water and use electrolyte substitute drinks at a price of 1 quart each 4-5 quarts of water. Dr James Fleming

Our precedence is to maintain wildland firefighters secure at wildland fires. Right here’s to a secure wildland fireplace season 2016!


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