Can I Get Social Security Disability Benefits for Lyme Disease?

The Social Safety Administration gives incapacity advantages for these Individuals who’ve turn out to be too disabled to work as a consequence of a severe harm or medical situation. So as to qualify for these advantages, an applicant has to have the ability to show the signs of their impairment (and/or its therapy) are so extreme that they’re unable to do work of any form. For some situations, it’s a reasonably easy course of to get permitted for advantages. For others, resembling Lyme illness, it may be extra of a problem.

What’s Lyme Illness?

Lyme illness is a bacterial an infection that’s transmitted via the chunk of a deer tick. The an infection can assault numerous components of the physique, together with the joints, nerves, and coronary heart.

Signs of Lyme illness can vary in severity from delicate to debilitating. Early signs can embody:

  • Erythema migrans rash
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle,
  • Joint aches
  • Swollen lymph nodes

Doxycycline, Ceftriaxone and Amoxicillin are a number of the antibiotics used to deal with Lyme Illness.

There are three varieties of Lyme illness:

  • Neurological Lyme illness
  • Lyme arthritis

Neurological Lyme illness happens when the Lyme illness micro organism start to have an effect on the operate of the peripheral and central nervous techniques. Signs rely on which system is affected. Facial palsy (droop) can happen when the cranial nerves have been contaminated. Numbness, tingling, “taking pictures” ache, or weak point within the arms or legs, are all signs of a Lyme illness peripheral nerve an infection.

Lyme meningitis impacts the central nervous system. Signs can embody fever, headache, sensitivity to gentle, and stiff neck.

Lyme arthritis happens when Lyme illness micro organism infect joint tissue, inflicting ache and irritation. The knees are affected most frequently, however different giant joints, such because the shoulder, ankle, elbow, jaw, wrist, and hip, might be affected as nicely. If left untreated, the Lyme illness an infection may end up in everlasting joint harm. 

Lyme illness micro organism can enter the tissues of the center, inflicting a situation referred to as Lyme carditis. In Lyme carditis, the micro organism intervene with {the electrical} indicators that coordinate the beating of the center’s higher and decrease chambers. Signs of Lyme carditis embody light-headedness, fainting, shortness of breath, coronary heart palpitations, or chest ache.

Why Is it Tough to Get Social Safety Advantages for Lyme Illness?

In most cases, the signs of Lyme illness might be efficiently resolved via antibiotics and different medicines. Sadly, the early signs of Lyme illness match these of different, much less severe situations. This could result in a delay in therapy. Left untreated, a Lyme illness an infection could cause everlasting harm to the tissues of the center, joints and nervous system. The harm could turn out to be so extreme that a person is left disabled and might’t work.

One of many massive issues acquiring incapacity advantages via the Social Safety Administration for Lyme illness is that it doesn’t have a selected itemizing within the SSA’s Blue E-book. The Blue E-book is a doc that accommodates an inventory of disabling medical situations and the standards a person wants to satisfy with a purpose to qualify for incapacity advantages.

This doesn’t imply you possibly can’t be permitted for incapacity advantages. Nevertheless, you’ll have to have the ability to show that the disabling signs of your Lyme illness match these of one other itemizing. Relying on the kind and severity of your superior Lyme illness signs, chances are you’ll qualify beneath:

  • Part 1.00 (Musculoskeletal System): In case your Lyme disease-related joint harm has considerably restricted your capability to stroll or use your arms.
  • Part 4.00 (Cardiovascular System): If Lyme carditis has triggered harm to your coronary heart.
  • Part 14.09 (Inflammatory Arthritis): If Lyme arthritis has triggered everlasting, disabling harm to your joints.

The SSA will consider the results of your impairments, in addition to your remaining skills, utilizing their Residual Practical Capability (RFC) take a look at. The RFC will decide in case your impairments forestall you from having the ability to work. You’ll solely be permitted for advantages if the SSA finds that you’re unable to carry out work of any form because of the signs of your Lyme illness.

Marc Whitehead & Associates Are Devoted to Getting You the Incapacity Advantages You Deserve

Has your declare for Social Safety incapacity advantages for Lyme illness or different situations been denied by the Social Safety Administration? In that case, Marc Whitehead & Associates might be able to assist. In a variety of cases, a declare is denied not as a result of the applicant doesn’t deserve the advantages, however just because they failed to offer the required data required to approve it.

We will information you thru the appeals course of, working intently with you and your healthcare suppliers to make sure the SSA will get all the pieces they should make a positive resolution in your case. Contact the Houston incapacity advantages attorneys at Marc Whitehead & Associates to debate your Social Safety incapacity declare.


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