Yesterday noticed me doing accuracy and chrono work for the Girsan 1911SC. Protocol was to chrono 10 consecutive pictures from three separate batches/manufacturers of ammunition with totally different bullet weights. Every of these hundreds was then examined for accuracy for 3 consecutive 5-shot teams at 15 yards from a relaxation.

For the take a look at, I used Winchester White Field 124gr FMJ, PMC Bronze 115gr JHP, and Federal Premium HST 147gr JHP.

  • Winchester White Field 124gr FMJ, marketed velocity 1200 fps.
    • Common velocity: 1095.8
    • Low: 1070
    • Excessive: 1109
  • PMC Bronze 115gr JHP, marketed velocity 1160 fps.
    • Common velocity: 1038
    • Low: 1024
    • Excessive: 1054
  • Federal Premium HST 147gr JHP, marketed velocity 1000 fps
    • Common velocity: 939.3
    • Low: 922
    • Excessive: 964

Apparently, the PMC Bronze was essentially the most constant performer of the three, with solely a 30 fps unfold between lowest and highest velocity. The Federal Premium HST was the least constant of the three, with an expansion of 42 fps between lowest and highest velocity.

All hundreds chronographed decrease than marketed by means of the MC1911SC’s 3.4″ barrel. WWB was 104.2 fps slower, PMC Bronze was 122 fps slower, and the Federal Premium HST dropped off the least, at solely 60.7 fps slower.

Teams averaged 4.0″ with WWB, 3.25″ for PMC Bronze, and three.75″ for Federal Premium HST. I used to be pleasantly stunned on the efficiency of the PMC Bronze ammo. It could be price testing terminal ballistics on this load on some gelatin, to see how in performs in FBI barrier checks.

As at all times, a giant because of Fortunate Gunner for the ammo to conduct these checks.

General, 300 rounds have been fired, with three failures to lock again on the final spherical of journal #6 (WWB, spherical 45), journal #8 (twice, PMC Bronze, rounds 110 and 140). There have been no different malfunctions to report.

For these of you protecting rating at house, that’s 770 rounds fired, with three failures to eject and two failures to fireplace, all inside the first 250 rounds. 1,230 rounds to go.


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