7 Eye Conditions that May Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

Disabling eye circumstances could make it tough to take care of a standard life, and staff who are suffering from these circumstances could also be eligible for Social Safety incapacity advantages.

There are lots of several types of disabling eye circumstances that qualify for Social Safety incapacity. With a view to decide if you’re eligible for incapacity advantages because of any of those circumstances or to get assist interesting a denial of advantages, contact an skilled Social Safety legal professional at Marc Whitehead & Associates at this time. We are able to work with you and your docs to make sure all proof is submitted in help of your declare and make it easier to enchantment in case your advantages have been unfairly denied.

1. Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a standard, age-related eye situation that causes progressive and irreversible imaginative and prescient loss. It happens when the small central portion of the retina, known as the macula, begins to deteriorate.

The macula incorporates many delicate cells chargeable for sharp, centered sight. There aren’t any therapies accessible to revive eyesight as soon as it has been misplaced.

Macular degeneration could also be present in one or each eyes and may happen all of a sudden or slowly over time inflicting totally different ranges of visible impairment in every eye. The sooner the onset of illness, the extra extreme it tends to be.

There are two varieties of macular degeneration:

  • Dry macular degeneration accounts for 80% of all circumstances and has no identified trigger.
  • Moist macular degeneration is the extra critical kind and happens when irregular blood vessels develop behind the retina and leak fluid resulting in blindness.

This situation also can trigger macular edema, which is a swelling that happens across the macula. Macular edema is related to a major threat of everlasting imaginative and prescient loss and blindness, and many individuals who are suffering from this situation will likely be eligible for incapacity advantages.

2. Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a degenerative eye illness frequent to those that undergo from diabetes, which causes blood sugar ranges to rise and damages tiny blood vessels within the retina, leading to blurred or diminished eyesight. For some individuals recognized with diabetic retinopathy, their situation could solely worsen steadily over time; nonetheless, for others, it may well progress quickly and lead to extreme visible impairment — usually inside months — requiring speedy medical consideration.

Laser surgical procedure and vitrectomy surgical procedures are each accessible to cease or sluggish the development of diabetic retinopathy, however these procedures is not going to enhance your visible acuity.

Your physician can assist decide if you’re experiencing any of the next signs of diabetic retinopathy:

  • Blurred or diminished imaginative and prescient
  • Floaters or shadows
  • Lack of peripheral imaginative and prescient
  • Ache or sudden enhance of floaters

Some individuals expertise elevated strain inside the eye often known as ocular hypertension, which can lead to injury to the optic nerve and result in blindness. If you’re recognized with ocular hypertension by your optometrist, it can be crucial that she or he additionally conducts an entire examination of your retina to search for indicators of diabetic retinopathy.

3. Glaucoma

One other eye illness that may trigger blindness is glaucoma, which damages the optic nerve and causes imaginative and prescient loss. Though there isn’t any remedy for glaucoma, it may be handled with medicines or surgical procedure to sluggish its development or cease it from worsening.

Glaucoma is mostly recognized in individuals over age 40; nonetheless, anybody can develop this situation at any age in the event that they undergo from diabetes or hypertension. Kidney illness also can place you at the next threat for glaucoma.

You should be experiencing a major lack of imaginative and prescient in each eyes to qualify for Social Safety incapacity advantages for glaucoma. Your physician can assist decide if you’re experiencing any of the next signs:

  • Blurred or diminished imaginative and prescient
  • Lack of peripheral imaginative and prescient
  • Detectable blind spots in your perceptive area

If you’re recognized with glaucoma, your physician will use a particular instrument to measure the strain in your eyes. This measurement is called intraocular strain (IOP). If this measurement exceeds regular limits, it may very well be brought on by glaucoma.

5. Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sjogren’s Syndrome is a situation that causes your immune system to assault the moisture-producing glands, leading to dry eyes and mouth. Individuals with Sjogren’s Syndrome are additionally more likely to expertise fatigue, muscle or joint ache, fever, and weight reduction. The severity of those secondary signs will depend upon how a lot of your physique is being attacked by the immune system.

Though there aren’t any efficient therapies or cures for Sjogren’s Syndrome, this situation might be managed by the usage of synthetic tears, eye drops, and lubricating ointments to assist shield your eyes from injury. To qualify for Social Safety Incapacity advantages, you could have dry eyes that are so extreme that they don’t seem to be managed with treatment and are stopping you from with the ability to work.

In case your physician determines the dry eyes you’re experiencing are brought on by Sjogren’s Syndrome, she or he could use a particular take a look at often known as Schirmer’s Check to measure the quantity of tears you produce in each eyes. This take a look at measures how a lot moisture is produced within the eye when it’s pressed in opposition to an absorbent strip for five minutes.

Sjogren’s Syndrome is usually present in sufferers who additionally undergo from an autoimmune illness comparable to lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and Hashimoto’s illness.

6. Hemianopia

To be recognized with hemianopia, sufferers should expertise a lack of imaginative and prescient in half of their visible area. Though this dysfunction doesn’t result in whole blindness, it may be debilitating for people who find themselves unable to see out of the facet of their eyes whereas driving or strolling down a sidewalk. Moreover, it might additionally forestall you from studying and dealing along with your fingers.

Hemianopia might be brought on by a number of totally different illnesses, together with stroke, mind tumor, and diabetes, however the commonest cause is because of a automotive accident which leads to head accidents.

7. Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis pigmentosa is a uncommon eye situation affecting the retinas of the eyes which can lead to full blindness over time. There are a number of several types of RP and it happens when specialised cells in the back of the attention chargeable for night time imaginative and prescient slowly deteriorate resulting in progressive tunnel imaginative and prescient or eventual blindness. If mild notion stays, sufferers will nonetheless have some sight left even when peripheral imaginative and prescient has been misplaced.

Retinitis Pigmentosa is a degenerative illness that sometimes progresses slowly over time. It can’t be cured and there aren’t any therapies to cease the development of this situation, however it may be managed by the usage of assistive gadgets comparable to telescopes, magnifying glasses, or particular pc software program that reads textual content aloud for sufferers who develop into blind.

{Qualifications} for Social Safety Incapacity Advantages for

It doesn’t matter what eye situation you’re experiencing, a number of standards should be met to qualify for SSDI advantages, together with:

  • You could have a incapacity that’s anticipated to final at the least 12 steady months or lead to loss of life.
  • Your incapacity should forestall you from performing substantial work actions.
  • Your incapacity should be extreme sufficient that it prevents you from working in any sort of job.

A certain quantity of labor credit are additionally wanted to be eligible for Social Safety incapacity. These credit are based mostly in your earnings. You may earn as much as 4 credit per 12 months, and the quantity of credit you will want to have will depend on your age on the time you develop into disabled.

Get Assist Profitable Social Safety Incapacity Advantages for Your Eye Situation

Getting authorized for Social Safety incapacity advantages might be an uphill battle. Should you undergo from an eye fixed situation that forestalls you from with the ability to work, it’s essential to have skilled illustration in your facet to make sure the Social Safety Administration receives all of the documentation they should approve your declare.

The Social Safety Incapacity attorneys at Marc Whitehead & Associates can assist you win the advantages that you simply deserve in case your eye situation has made it unattainable so that you can preserve gainful employment and meet your monetary obligations.

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